Posting Policy

General has sole authority over all classifieds or ads that will be published on the website. We reserve the right to delete any and all ads that violates our Posting Policy. We will deactivate or delete the account of any user who has been determined to violate any of our policies, after a careful, thorough, and objective investigation has been made.

Users are advised to only post an ad to sell products and/or services which legally adhere to and do not violate any existing or applicable laws. You are solely responsible for all the products and/or services you post on the website.


Please observe the following basic rules:

  • Since caters to any part of the world, please post an ad using the English language so that more people may be able to read and understand your ad. You may post in another language, but kindly provide the English translation as well in the same ad.
  • Please provide all the necessary information regarding the products and/or services that you will post on the site. We may opt to remove your ad if we deem that the information you posted is incomplete, lacking or misleading.
  • Do not post any product and/or services that are prohibited by law in your country of residence
  • Only post your ads in the correct category. We may remove ads that do not properly belong to the right category and we may also delete duplicated ads.
  • You are only allowed to post an ad using your account and one email address. We may delete ads that have basically the same content but posted by different accounts using different email addresses.
  • Do not post ads that contain adult or pornographic content
  • Do not post ads that discriminates against any race, nationality or religion
  • Do not post your comments or suggestions in place of an ad