Online Safety Tips

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Always take the necessary precautions with any transactions coarsed through online classified ads. Use your common sense and better judgement and be wary of products or services that seem too good to be true because they most likely are.

Please take due notice that does not provide protection or guarantee as to the legitimacy of any product and/or service posted on this website.

  • Before you even decide to buy/sell a product or avail of services posted on the site, try to do some personal research or background checks on the product, the person or company offering the product or service, ask questions, and get all the information you need to help you make a decision.
  • Protect your personal details at all cost and do not provide confidential information (including bank account details) to anyone, whether in-person or online.
  • It’s best to settle transactions in-person and in a public place. If possible, bring along a friend or family member or at least inform them of your whereabouts including the personal details of the person(s) you will be meeting. Also, make sure to ask for proper identification (i.e. passport, company ID, government issued ID) from the person that you will be meeting.
  • When doing transactions in your home, always ask for a person’s identification as well before you allow them to come inside your house. It’s also a good idea to inform your friends or family that you will be expecting a prospective buyer/seller.
  • Do not bring more cash than necessary when meeting with any prospective buyer or seller.
  • When buying a certain product, prefer a cash-on-delivery mode of payment.
  • If you prefer direct shipping of a product you want to purchase, please do so via registered mail.
  • When buying/selling, make sure that you have received payment before you send or ship a purchased item.
  • Do not send or wire money to sellers/buyers or landlords.
  • When buying/selling properties, make sure that you view the properties in-person. It’s better if you bring someone along with you or make sure that you request to see a buyer/seller’s proof of identification first before you invite them inside the property.
  • When buying/selling event tickets, contact the official event organiser to make sure that the event has not yet been cancelled or if it is legal for you to buy/sell the tickets. Do not hand over money before you are able to confirm the legitimacy of the tickets.
  • When buying/selling event tickets, make sure that you carefully inspect and examine the ticket. Check dates, event details, and other pertinent information that will more or less prove that the ticket is legitimate and is not fake or a duplication.
  • For job postings, job seekers should know more about the recruiter or hiring company before you accept any job offer.
  • For job postings, employers should do an intensive background check on the candidates before hiring them.
  • For job postings, it’s better to for prospective employers to personally interview candidates in-person.
  • Be aware of scams like fake competitions, lotteries, fake escrow sites, phishing scams, etc.
  • Send us an email to report suspicious ads, emails, transactions, scams, or any illegal activity. You may also alert and report to local law enforcement or the proper government agencies.